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ScalaCheck 1.14.1 Release Notes

ScalaCheck 1.14.1 is a minor update from ScalaCheck 1.14.0, and it is binary compatible. This means that if you are using any other framework in combination with ScalaCheck, like ScalaTest or specs2 you can typically just bump the version of ScalaCheck in your build definition or wait for those libraries to transitively do it for you in their next update. You still need to make sure that the combination of frameworks you are using was built and tested together with each other, otherwise you can run into errors related to binary compatibility that are possibly very hard to debug.

If you're using ScalaCheck as your only testing framework, you can safely update your build definition to use the latest ScalaCheck release, although you might not see compilation errors but there may be deprecation warnings due to expected changes in ScalaCheck's API.

Detailed list of changes

These are taken from the CHANGELOG.


  • Binary compatible with 1.14.0 version of ScalaCheck.


  • #498 Deprecate ambiguous implicit Prop.BooleanOperators to prepare for Dotty compilation

  • #400 Show seed when failing test

  • #401 Underlying implementation of Arbitrary[Option[T]] is now equivalent to Gen[Option[T]]

  • Update Scala.js 1.x to 1.0.0-M8, previously was 1.0.0-M3

  • #461 The phrases "EPFL" and "copyright owner" in the license were changed to "copyright holder"


  • #289 #360 Fix overridding parameters with overrideParameters in Properties

  • #468 Fix shrinking of commands in 2.12

  • #451 Fix Gen.posNum and Gen.negNum so it gives real numbers less than one

  • #531 Fix independence of properties with Prop.&& with viewSeed enabled by sliding the seed in Prop.flatMap

  • #476 Fix stackoverflow of Pretty.break

  • #522 Fix error handling of command-line parsing

  • #496 Artifact for Scala.js 1.0.0-M8 for Scala 2.12 was defective

  • #497 Improve error messages for invalid command-line parameters

  • #410 #480 Changes to support compilation on Scala 2.13

  • #423 Small fixes to source code for the Dotty compiler

  • #406 Fix compilation error in test runner for Java 11

  • #430 Fix compilation error in pretty-printer for Java 11 and later

  • #433 Fix deprecation in ScalaCheck's internal tokenizer for Java 11 and later

  • #415 #417 #420 #428 #467 #524 Various corrections and improvements to the api docs


  • #522 Add new command-line option -disableLegacyShrinking

  • #522 Add new command-line option -initialSeed

  • #522 Add new methods for disabling and enabling shrinking to Test.Parameters

  • #409 Add support for scala.util.Either in Gen

  • #438Add new overloaded version of Gen.oneOf that takes wider type of Iterable

  • #470 Add hexadecimal character and string generators Gen.hexChar and Gen.hexStr


  • The GitHub repository has been moved from Rickard Nilsson's private account to a repository under the Typelevel organization.

  • ScalaCheck has adopted the Scala code of conduct.

  • Erik Osheim accepted greater responsibility for ScalaCheck's maintenance and development.

  • Aaron S. Hawley was added as a maintainer.


This release was made possible by contributions from the following people:

  • Cody Allen
  • Philippus Baalman
  • Gio Borje
  • Ryan Brewster
  • Sébastien Doeraene
  • Bruno Hass
  • Aaron S. Hawley
  • Magnolia K.
  • Guillaume Martres
  • Rickard Nilsson
  • Erik Osheim
  • Allan Renucci
  • Nicolas Rinaudo
  • Lukas Rytz
  • Thomas Smith
  • David Strawn
  • Seth Tisue
  • Kenji Yoshida

Thank you!

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