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T1E HTML5 Reset

A mobile and Facebook ready HTML5 reset bootstrap

This is a simple directory and basic file setup for a mobile and Facebook ready HTML5 website. It includes some standard css implementations for responsive stylesheets and header meta for Facebook's Open Graph.


  • CSS reset including HTML5 elements, clearfix, et al, based on Eric Meyer's classic.
  • Parts of Andy Clarke's 320 and Up framework for creating responsive sites (respond.css).
  • Viewport and iOS specific metadata for creating fullscreen home screen apps and icons.
  • Metadata for basic Facebook implementation.
  • jQuery & jQuery Address.
  • Modernizr for browser support testing and HTML5 support.
  • Selectivizr for pseudo-selectors (:last-child, et al) in IE.
  • A PHP-based cache.manifest generator for using HTML5's offline support.
  • An ANT build file for concatenating and minifying Javascript and CSS files (via YUI Compressor).