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[2.5.0] Lint runs are ~30% slower #1132

bradzacher opened this issue Oct 23, 2019 · 13 comments · Fixed by #1179

[2.5.0] Lint runs are ~30% slower #1132

bradzacher opened this issue Oct 23, 2019 · 13 comments · Fixed by #1179
package: typescript-estree performance


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@bradzacher bradzacher commented Oct 23, 2019

Spinning off of discussion in #1126.
Reported by: @doberkofler

I think that this is because of the change in #1083

There are use cases like Vue, or Markdown, wherein we get provided N distinct content strings for the same filename, where N is the number of <script> tags in the vue file, or the number of code blocks in a markdown file.

We used to not trigger a program sync if we hadn't been asked to parse the file yet, but for these use cases, the file contents TS reads are always different to the file contents eslint gives us, so we have to trigger a file sync on the first parse for a file.

I'll need to look at a solution for this, as invalidating the program for every single file in a CLI run for pure JS/TS codebases (when the file contents from eslint === the file contents in ts) is pretty silly.

@bradzacher bradzacher added package: typescript-estree performance labels Oct 23, 2019
@bradzacher bradzacher self-assigned this Oct 23, 2019
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@merlinnot merlinnot commented Oct 23, 2019

I can confirm this issue. For my codebase (Node.js backend app) the linting time jumped in the CI (the exact same VM sizes) from ~1:45 to 2:25 after updating from v2.4.0 to v2.5.0.


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@Toxicable Toxicable commented Oct 24, 2019

I havn't been able to reproduce the OOM errors but did get some better timing data in #1134
To summarise we've seen our eslint times go from 56s in 2.3.3 to 4.14m in 2.5.0

@bradzacher bradzacher pinned this issue Oct 24, 2019
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@doberkofler doberkofler commented Oct 25, 2019

I just checked out your 2.5.1-alpha.3 and from a performance perspective there does not seem to be any change. Compared to 2.3.3 it is still about 30% slower.

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@bradzacher bradzacher commented Oct 25, 2019

the alpha.3 commit was adding support for declare class properties to unblock the prettier release.

I have not looked further into this yet. I'll be sure to explicitly comment back here with updates to save you having to track and test each releases.

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@luixo luixo commented Oct 25, 2019

Just in case you need more cases, I made measurements on different @typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin versions (also changed @typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin-tslint and @typescript-eslint/parser versions)
On our big (unfortunately, proprietary) codebase:

On 2.1.0: 1m40.139s
On 2.3.0: 1m48.037s
On 2.5.0: 5m3.696s
On 2.5.1-alpha.3: 5m3.067s

If you need more info on our cases - please let me know.

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@mpgon mpgon commented Oct 25, 2019

Same in our big (also proprietary) codebase:

2.3.0: 52.68s
2.5.0: 3m30.83s

edit: turns out I had caching enabled for v2.3 and actually it takes the same slow time. I think my problem is unrelated, opened another issue #1140

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@Hotell Hotell commented Oct 26, 2019

in our case it is 87% slower than with 2.3...


  • files count: ts/js/jsx files count : 2760
  • command run: yarn eslint --ext .js,.ts,.tsx --format codeframe our/company/codebase


  • used typescript-eslint 2.3
  • base tsconfig.json which didn't have all files within includes
  • we used eslint hack createDefaultProgram: true
  • lint time: 169.72s


  • used typescript-eslint 2.5
  • created eslint.tsconfig.json which has all files within includes
  • lint time: 1483.11s

If you need more data please ping me. Thx!

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@kelly-tock kelly-tock commented Nov 6, 2019

$ npx eslint --cache --cache-location ./.eslint-cache -c .eslintrc.js --no-eslintrc --max-warnings 0 'src/js/**/*.{ts,tsx,js,jsx}' '../shared/src/js/**/*.{ts,tsx,js,jsx}'

2.6.1: 374.75s
2.3.3: 45.13s

similar results. i'm on a very large code base.

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@ArkadyDR ArkadyDR commented Nov 7, 2019

Our time has jumped from 50s on version 2.4.0 to 350s on 2.6.1. (with @typescript-eslint/recommended-requiring-type-checking, it's ~3 minutes less without). We have a very large code base.

Edit: With 2.7.0 this is back down to 63s. Thanks!

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@yoyo930021 yoyo930021 commented Nov 7, 2019

If any one can verify #1179 ?

Just do it according to this comment.
#883 (comment)

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@doberkofler doberkofler commented Nov 7, 2019

Excellent @yoyo930021 !

I originally reported this SR and have just been testing #1179 with my production repository.

It looks very good and it seems as we are back to the original performance in 2.3.3. I linted my 712 files 3 times with the following averages:

2.3.3: 118 secs
2.4.0: hung
2.5.0: 3016 secs
2.6.1: 161 secs
#1179: 112 secs

@bradzacher bradzacher unpinned this issue Nov 11, 2019
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package: typescript-estree performance
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