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An app showing how you can use Typesense to build a full-fledged ecommerce browsing and searching experience


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📦 Instant E-Commerce Store Experience, powered by Typesense

This is a demo that shows how you can use Typesense's feature set, to build not just a search experience, but also a full-fledged product browsing experience for an ecommerce store.

See it live here:

Tech Stack

The app was built using the Typesense Adapter for InstantSearch.js.

Repo structure

  • src/ and index.html - contain the frontend UI components.
  • scripts/indexer - contains the script to index the book data into Typesense.
  • scripts/data - contains a small sample subset of products.


To run this project locally, install the dependencies and run the local server:

npm install
npm run typesenseServer

ln -s .env.development .env

npm run indexer

npm start

Open http://localhost:3000 to see the app.


This demo is hosted on Cloudflare pages. Pushing to master will automatically trigger a deployment.


The dataset used in this showcase is from Algolia's public set of datasets listed here: