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my emacs clone adding fullscreen support to CocoaEmacs

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Emacs clone to support real fullscreen on OSX

This is my personal emacs clone consists of several patches to improve emacs in OSX system.

Currently there's two patches in this repo:

  1. fullscreen patch
  2. shift modifier fix patch

I've been working these fixes to git branch -- feature/fullscreen and fix/shift_modifier_with_ime. But emacs official git repository is something weird, so my branches doen't merge into latest emacs mainline..

So I also created plain patch files for that. Please look at download area to get these patches.

Fullscreen patch

This patch add ns-toggle-fullscreen function to toggle fullscreen mode.

TODO: this fullscreen mode doesn't use official fullscreen_hook feature, should fix this.

Shift modifier fix

Current version of Emacs 23.1 (or 23.2 pretest) throws KeyDown event directly to emacs if it was a function key or had modifiers, this break some Input Methods outside of Emacs (Kotoeri, ATOK, etc)

This patch blocks keydown when it comes with Shift modifier.

XXX: this fixes are very ad-hoc, should consider clearner implementation.

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