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Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.24.

Changelog diff is:

diff --git a/Changes b/Changes
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 Revision history for Perl extension UV

+0.24 2013-03-29T17:00:00+09:00
+     - fixed a packaging issue
 0.23 2013-03-29T15:21:00+09:00
      - libuv updated to 0.10.2 (first officially versioned release of libuv)
      - supported following new functions:
latest commit cfba978c6b
@typester authored
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deps upgrade libuv to v0.10.2
example added simple tcp echo server for example
src interface_addresses
t oops
.gitignore add async test
.gitmodules initial commit
.shipit ready to release
Changes Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.24.
MANIFEST.SKIP Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.24.
Makefile.PL upgrade link flag
README Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.2. add missing dependencies to build

UV Build Status

UV is perl interface to libuv.

Build instructions

$ git clone git://
$ cd p5-UV
$ git submodule update --init --recursive
$ echo -n | cpanm Module::Install::XSUtil Module::Install::AuthorTests Module::Install::ReadmeFromPod
$ cpanm --installdeps .
$ make test
$ make install

Current status

Not all functions implemented at this time.

Supported functions is:

  • uv_run (UV::run)
  • uv_version (UV::version)
  • uv_last_error (UV::last_error)
  • uv_strerror (UV::strerror)
  • uv_err_name (UV::err_name)
  • uv_shutdown (UV::shutdown)
  • uv_is_active (UV::is_active)
  • uv_close (UV::close)
  • uv_listen (UV::listen)
  • uv_accept (UV::accept)
  • uv_read_start (UV::read_start)
  • uv_read_stop (UV::read_stop)
  • uv_read2_start (UV::read2_start)
  • uv_write (UV::write)
  • uv_write2 (UV::write2)
  • uv_is_readable (UV::is_readable)
  • uv_is_writable (UV::is_writable)
  • uv_is_closing (UV::is_closing)
  • uv_tcp_* (UV::tcp_*)
  • uv_udp_* (UV::udp_*)
  • uv_tty_* (UV::tty_*)
  • uv_guess_handle (UV::guess_handle)
  • uv_pipe_* (UV::pipe_*)
  • uv_prepare_* (UV::prepare_*)
  • uv_check_* (UV::check_*)
  • uv_idle_* (UV::idle_*)
  • uv_async_* (UV::async_*)
  • uv_timer_* (UV::timer_*)
  • uv_getaddrinfo (UV::getaddrinfo)
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