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UV Build Status

UV is perl interface to libuv.

Build instructions

$ git clone git://
$ cd p5-UV
$ git submodule update --init --recursive
$ echo -n | cpanm Module::Install::XSUtil Module::Install::AuthorTests Module::Install::ReadmeFromPod
$ cpanm --installdeps .
$ make test
$ make install

Current status

Not all functions implemented at this time.

Supported functions is:

  • uv_run (UV::run)
  • uv_version (UV::version)
  • uv_last_error (UV::last_error)
  • uv_strerror (UV::strerror)
  • uv_err_name (UV::err_name)
  • uv_shutdown (UV::shutdown)
  • uv_is_active (UV::is_active)
  • uv_close (UV::close)
  • uv_listen (UV::listen)
  • uv_accept (UV::accept)
  • uv_read_start (UV::read_start)
  • uv_read_stop (UV::read_stop)
  • uv_read2_start (UV::read2_start)
  • uv_write (UV::write)
  • uv_write2 (UV::write2)
  • uv_is_readable (UV::is_readable)
  • uv_is_writable (UV::is_writable)
  • uv_is_closing (UV::is_closing)
  • uv_tcp_* (UV::tcp_*)
  • uv_udp_* (UV::udp_*)
  • uv_tty_* (UV::tty_*)
  • uv_guess_handle (UV::guess_handle)
  • uv_pipe_* (UV::pipe_*)
  • uv_prepare_* (UV::prepare_*)
  • uv_check_* (UV::check_*)
  • uv_idle_* (UV::idle_*)
  • uv_async_* (UV::async_*)
  • uv_timer_* (UV::timer_*)
  • uv_getaddrinfo (UV::getaddrinfo)
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