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Typetools fork of the JDK

This fork of the JDK contains type annotations for pluggable type-checking.

It does not contain annotations for certain files (because annotations in them cause build failures, especially in the interim builds):

  • the jdk.rmic module
  • objectweb/asm files
  • src/java.base/share/classes/java/time/*
  • src/jdk.compiler/share/classes/com/sun/tools/javac/*

Annotations for classes that exist in JDK 11 but were removed in JDK 17 appear in jdk11.astub files in repository . Annotations for classes that exist in JDK 8 but were removed in JDK 11 appear in jdk8.astub files in repository .


See file azure-pipelines.yml. Briefly:

bash configure --disable-warnings-as-errors --with-jtreg
make jdk

You might need to change --with-jtreg to one of these:



We welcome pull requests that add new annotations or correct existing ones. Thanks in advance for your contributions!

When adding annotations, please annotate an entire file at a time, and add an @AnnotatedFor annotation on the class declaration. The rationale is explained at .

Relationship to other repositories

This fork is not up to date with respect to openjdk/jdk (the current OpenJDK version). This fork contains all commits through the release of JDK 17 (that is, the last commit that is in both openjdk/jdk and in openjdk/jdk17u; a way to determine that is to run git log --graph | tac on both and find the common prefix):

This fork is an ancestor of JDK release forks such as jdk17u. This fork does not compile, because the commit of openjdk/jdk on which it is based no longer compiles, due to changes to tools such as compilers. Repositories such as jdk11u and jdk17u have been updated and do compile.

This fork's annotations are pulled into those repositories, in order to build an annotated JDK. We do not write annotations in (say) jdk17u, because it has diverged far from other repositories. It would be even more painful to write annotations on jdk17u and then try to merge it into a subsequent version like jdk12u.

Pull request merge conflicts

If a pull request is failing with a merge conflict in jdk17u, first update jdk17u from its upstreams, using the directions in section "The typetools/jdk17u repository" below.

If that does not resolve the issue, then do the following in a clone of the branch of jdk whose pull request is failing.

BRANCH=`git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD`
URL=`git config --get remote.origin.url`
JDK17URL=`echo "$URL" | sed 's/jdk/jdk17u/'`
echo URL=$URL
if [ -d $JDK17DIR ] ; then
  (cd $JDK17DIR && git pull)
  git clone $JDK17URL $JDK17DIR && (cd $JDK17DIR && (git checkout $BRANCH || git checkout -b $BRANCH))
cd $JDK17DIR
git pull $URL $BRANCH

Manual step: resolve conflicts and complete the merge.

git push --set-upstream origin $BRANCH

Manual step: restart the pull request CI job.

After the pull request is merged to, follow the instructions at to update jdk17u, taking guidance from the merge done in the fork of jdk17u to resolve conflicts. Then, discard the branch in the fork of jdk17u.

Qualifier definitions

The java.base module contains a copy of the Checker Framework qualifiers (type annotations). To update that copy, run from this directory:

(cd $CHECKERFRAMEWORK && rm -rf checker-qual/build/libs && ./gradlew :checker-qual:sourcesJar) &&
rm -f checker-qual.jar &&
cp -p $CHECKERFRAMEWORK/checker-qual/build/libs/checker-qual--sources.jar checker-qual.jar &&
(cd src/java.base/share/classes && rm -rf org/checkerframework &&
unzip ../../../../checker-qual.jar -x 'META-INF
' &&
rm -f org/checkerframework/checker/signedness/ &&
chmod -R u+w org/checkerframework) &&
jar tf checker-qual.jar | grep '.java$' | sed 's//[^/]*.java/;/' | sed 's///./g' | sed 's/^/ exports /' | sort | uniq

Copy the exports lines that were printed by the last command to src/java.base/share/classes/ . Commit the changes, including the changed top-level checker-qual.jar file.

The typetools/jdk17u repository

The typetools/jdk17u repository is a merge of openjdk/jdk17u and typetools/jdk. That is, it is a fork of openjdk/jdk17u, with Checker Framework type annotations.

Do not edit the typetools/jdk17u repository. Make changes in the typetools/jdk repository. (Note that this README file appears in both the typetools/jdk and typetools/jdk17u repositories!)

To update jdk17u from its upstreams:

cd jdk17u
git pull
git pull
git pull


The goal of this repository is to write Checker Framework annotations in JDK source code. In order to compile, it is necessary that definitions of those annotations are available -- in a module such as java.base, or on the classpath. I tried putting them in java.base (which worked for JDK 11), but I wasn't able to make that work for JDK 17.

Upstream README follows

The remainder of this file is the from openjdk/jdk.

Welcome to the JDK!

For build instructions please see the online documentation, or either of these files:

See for more information about the OpenJDK Community and the JDK.


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