Next generation complexity reporting for Javascript based on babylon.
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Update: Please see issue#9 for a proposed roadmap for the next official major release of typhonjs-escomplex which is planned for fall '18 or thereabout.

typhonjs-escomplex provides next generation Javascript complexity reports by utilizing babylon w/ all plugins enabled to parse JS source code feeding the rest of the AST / processing modules which are available separately. Please review the typhonjs-node-escomplex organization for all of the separate components which may be used independently if direct AST processing is required. typhonjs-escomplex simply provides a shim using babylon to produce the AST.

Work is swiftly being finished.

More information forthcoming. This NPM module can be installed as a dependency in package.json as follows:

"dependencies": {
  "typhonjs-escomplex": "^0.0.12"

An ES6 example follows:

import escomplex from 'typhonjs-escomplex';

const source = <some JS source code>;

const report = escomplex.analyzeModule(source);

A CJS example follows:

var escomplex = require('typhonjs-escomplex');

var source = <some JS source code>;

var report = escomplex.analyzeModule(source);