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Conquer your dotfiles with VCSH and MR
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A template for myrepos and vcsh.

For a detailed explanation see: Conquer your dotfiles with VCSH and MR.

Structure of the repository

  • master branch for README and stuff that won't end up in your $HOME.
  • mr branch for the configuration of myrepos.
  • all other branches for your applications and their dotfiles.

Structure of the mr branch

├── .config
│   └── mr
│       ├── available.d
│       │   └── mr.vcsh
│       └── config.d
│           └── mr.vcsh -> ../available.d/mr.vcsh
└── .mrconfig

The contents of this branch can be summarized as follows:

  • .mrconfig: the entrypoint configuration file for mr,
  • .config/mr/available.d/: repository definitions for your applications,
  • .config/mr/config.d/: repository definitions active in the current system. Contains symlinks to available.d/.

How to add a new application

  1. Fork this repo
  2. Add a repository definition to ./config/mr/available.d/ in the mr branch.
  3. Symlink it to config.d if you want it to be activated by default.
  4. Create a new branch with git checkout -b your_app init.
  5. Add your dotfiles
  6. Push

How to use on a new system

Clone the mr branch with vcsh:

$ vcsh clone -b mr mr

Enable/disable the repository definitions that you want on the system:

$ cd .config/mr
$ ln -s ../available.d/i3.vcsh config.d/

Checkout everything with mr:

$ mr checkout
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