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Community bugfixing and updates to the original Spelunky for PC
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Spelunky Community Update Project

Community bug fixing and updates to the original Spelunky for PC


Use Gmk-Splitter to turn the repo back into a .gmk

Something along the lines of:

java -jar gmksplit.jar /spelunky/ spelunky.gmk
java -jar gmksplit.jar /config/ config.gmk

Edit the gmk files with Game Maker 8 (not 8.1!)

Then use:

java -jar gmksplit.jar  spelunky.gmk spelunky
java -jar gmksplit.jar  config.gmk config

to export your changes back to the repo format.

Changes should always be made in Game Maker 8 for compatibility reasons. Current windows builds for players should be compiled with Game Maker 8.1 however.

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