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NTU thesis template for XeLaTeX
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臺灣大學碩博士論文 XeLaTeX 模版


這個模版的前身是 LaTeX+CJK 的模版,如果您還是想用 LaTeX+CJK,請參考這篇文章


您可以直接 clone 這個 git repository,或者您可以在這裡下載發行版本。


請參考 wiki 的說明。


  • v1.3
    • Enable fake bold/italic font by default, thanks to alan23273850.
  • v1.2
    • Refine the certification page.
  • v1.1
    • New switch to turn on/off the watermark and DOI for the first page, thanks to louis2889184.
  • v1.0
    • Do not show watermark in the cover pages, thanks to louis2889184.
  • v0.9
    • Support inserting certification pdf file, thanks to dragonkao730.
  • v0.8
    • Support watermark with transparent background, thanks to zipong.
  • v0.7
    • Add keywords and PDF properties supports, thanks to moneycat.
  • v0.6
  • v0.5.1
    • Avoid removing pdf files mistakenly.
  • v0.5
    • Fix a typo, thanks to dyinpao.
    • Support watermark and password setting, thanks to shaform and qcl.
  • v0.4
    • Rename \year, \month and \day to avoid the conflicts. Thanks to shaform.
  • v0.3.1
  • v0.3
    • Fix issue #1, thanks to simonxander.
    • Set doublespacing by default, add singlespacing and onehalfspacing support.
    • Refine the cover page and the certification.
  • v0.2
    • Add proposal support
  • v0.1
    • The first release

Tz-Huan Huang

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