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A PyPI proxy done using Flask. It will use PyPI, and then keep the downloaded egg for future reference. After the package is downloaded from PyPI, it won't download it from PyPI again and instead use the local copy of the file.

How to use it

To use it after the right configuration, run:

pip install -i http://mypypiserver.com/simple/ <PACKAGE>

Documentation can be found here: https://flask-pypi-proxy.readthedocs.org/en/latest/index.html.


  • A local PyPI mirror to download the eggs faster and doesn't depends on PyPI or any other service.
  • Uploading your private python packages. This is useful if you work for a company that have eggs, but doesn't open source them :(
  • Uploading the compiled packages. There are some packages (lxml, Pillow) that are compiled each time that are installed. You can upload the compiled package to save some time.
  • It does get newer versions. Supose that you installed Flask (0.8.0), and a new release is required. This is version 0.9. Then the new package will be downloaded from PyPI, and the proxy will be updated.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to robin-jarry, jokull, michaelmior and to Tenzer.