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#!/usr/bin/env python
""" Query the Debian Ultimate Database (UDD) for
new usertags on bugs and send email notifications
to the user.
To install a cronjob on alioth run `crontab -e`
Also see
Copyright 2015 u <>
Released under GPLv3
Made during rd9 of the GNOME Outreach program
The code now also lives here and might be more up-to-date:
smtp_server = "localhost"
def udd_connect():
Connect to UDD.
@params: none
@returns: db cursor
import psycopg2
conn = psycopg2.connect("service=udd")
cursor = conn.cursor()
return cursor
def get_current_buglist(team_email_address):
Select all usertagged bugs for our user. query the bug title at the
same time. construct a bug list of one dictionary per bug.
@params: str(Debian BTS maintainer / team email address)
@returns: list of dictionaries
cursor = udd_connect()
cursor.execute("SELECT, bugs_usertags.tag, title \
FROM bugs_usertags JOIN bugs ON = \
WHERE email='%s' ORDER BY id" % team_email_address)
return [{'id': item[0], 'tag': item[1], 'title': item[2]} \
for item in cursor.fetchall()]
def compare_state(old_state_data, new_state_data):
Compare two lists of dictionaries.
@params: two lists of dictionaries
({'id': '123', 'tag': 'the_tag', 'title': 'The Title'})
@returns: two lists of dictionaries
deleted_usertags = []
added_usertags = []
# If there is no new data, exit.
if len(new_state_data) > 0:
# Compare old state data and new state data for added usertags
for item in new_state_data:
if item not in old_state_data:
# Compare old state data and new state data for deleted usertags
for item in old_state_data:
if item not in new_state_data:
return added_usertags, deleted_usertags
def read_statefile(state_filename):
Use pickle to read the list of bugs from a file.
For debugging the data, use pprint.
@params: str(state_filename)
@returns: list of dictionaries, False on read failure
#import pprint
import pickle
state_file = open(state_filename, 'rb')
data = pickle.load(state_file)
except IOError:
return False
return data
def save_statefile(state_filename, data):
Use pickle to save the list of bugs to a file.
@params: str(state_filename), data = list of dictionaries
@returns: True on success, False on failure
import pickle
state_file = open(state_filename, 'wb')
pickle.dump(data, state_file)
except IOError:
return False
return True
def send_notification(sender, receiver, bug_list, operation, bdo_url, usertag_url):
Send one email per bug to the team.
sender = str(email address)
receiver = str(email address)
bug_list = ({'id': '123', 'tag': 'the_tag', 'title': 'The Title'})
operation = str ("added" or "deleted")
bdo_url = str(url)
usertag_url = str(url)
@returns: void
for bug in bug_list:
notification_subject = "usertag '%s' %s on bug #%s: %s" \
% (bug['tag'], operation, bug['id'], bug['title'])
notification_msg = "%s%s\n\nSee all usertags: %s" \
% (bdo_url, bug['id'], usertag_url)
send_mail(sender, receiver, notification_subject, notification_msg)
def send_mail(sender, receiver, subject, text):
Send an email.
@params: str(sender) = email address
str(receiver) = email address
str(subject) = email body
str(text) = email test
@returns: void
# Import smtplib for the actual sending function and mail modules
import smtplib
from email.mime.text import MIMEText
global smtp_server
if not smtp_server:
smtp_server = "localhost"
# Create message
msg = MIMEText(text)
msg['Subject'] = subject
msg['From'] = sender
msg['To'] = receiver
# Send the message
smtp_mail = smtplib.SMTP(smtp_server)
smtp_mail.sendmail(receiver, [sender], msg.as_string())
def main():
Construct current buglist for team_email_address and compare it to
the old saved state. Attempt to save the file if there is not yet
an old_buglist. Retrieve usertag diff, then send notifications to
the team and re-save the current state.
@params: none
@returns: False on failure
# Configuration
state_filename = "usertags.state"
team_email_address = ""
bdo_url = ""
usertag_url = "" % team_email_address
sender = team_email_address
receiver = team_email_address
current_buglist = get_current_buglist(team_email_address)
old_buglist = read_statefile(state_filename)
if current_buglist:
if old_buglist:
added_usertags, deleted_usertags = compare_state(old_buglist, current_buglist)
send_notification(sender, receiver, added_usertags, "added", bdo_url, usertag_url)
send_notification(sender, receiver, deleted_usertags, "deleted", bdo_url, usertag_url)
send_notification(sender, receiver, current_buglist, "added", bdo_url, usertag_url)
save_statefile(state_filename, current_buglist)
return False