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* FILENAME : bp.h
* DESCRIPTION : Contains structures and prototypes for generic
* branch predictor simulator
* NOTES : -NA-
* AUTHOR : Utkarsh Mathur START DATE : 20 Oct 17
#ifndef _BP_H
#define _BP_H
#include "all.h"
// Mask for 32 bit address
#define MSB_ONE_32_BIT 0x80000000
// Pointer translations
typedef struct _bpT *bpPT;
typedef struct _bpPathT *bpPathPT;
typedef struct _bpControllerT *bpControllerPT;
typedef struct _tagT *tagPT;
typedef struct _tagStoreT *tagStorePT;
// Enum to hold direction like read/write
typedef enum {
typedef enum{
typedef struct _bpControllerT{
bpTypeT type;
bpPT bpBimodalP;
bpPT bpGshareP;
int k;
int kMask;
// Chooser table for hybrid predictor
int sizeChooserTable;
int *chooserTable;
// Metrics
int predictions;
int misPredictions;
// Branch predictor structure.
typedef struct _bpT{
* Configutration params
// Placeholder for name
char name[128];
boolean btbPresent;
int btbSize;
int btbIndexSize;
int btbIndexMask;
int btbAssoc;
int btbSets;
int btbPredictions;
int btbMissTaken;
tagStorePT *tagStoreP;
//-------------------- BIMODAL/GSHARE BEGIN -------------------------
// Number of bits used to represent prediction table
int m;
int n;
bpTypeT type;
int gShareShift;
int nMsbSetMask;
// Mask to calculate index from address
int mMask;
int nMask;
int sizePredictionTable;
int *predictionTable;
// Register for GShare predictor
int globalBrHistoryReg;
//-------------------- BIMODAL/GSHARE END ---------------------------
typedef struct _tagT{
int tag;
boolean valid;
int counter;
// Tag store unit cell
typedef struct _tagStoreT{
tagPT *rowP;
// Function prototypes. This part can be automated
// lets keep hardcoded as of now
bpPT branchPredictorInit(
char* name,
int m,
int n,
bpTypeT type,
int btbSize,
int btbAssoc
// bp funcs
void bpGetIndexTag( bpPT bpP, int address, int* indexBpP, int* indexBtbP, int* tagP );
void bpBtbHitUpdateLRU( bpPT bpP, int index, int setIndex );
int bpBtbFindReplacementUpdateCounterLRU( bpPT bpP, int index, int tag, int overrideSetIndex, int doOverride );
bpPathT bpPredict( bpPT bpP, int indexBp, int indexBtb, int tag, boolean *update );
void bpUpdatePredictionTable( bpPT bpP, int index, bpPathT actual, boolean btbMiss );
void bpUpdateGlobalBrHistoryTable( bpPT bpP, bpPathT actual );
void bpPrintPredictionTable( bpPT bpP );
void bpBtbPrintContents( bpPT bpP );
void bpBtbGetMetrics( bpPT bpP, int* pred, int* misPred );
// Controller funcs
bpControllerPT bpCreateController( bpPT bpBimodalP, bpPT bpGshareP, int k, bpTypeT type );
void bpControllerProcess( bpControllerPT contP, int address, bpPathT actual );
void bpControllerUpdateChooserTable( bpControllerPT contP,
int chooserIndex,
bpPathT bimodalPred,
bpPathT gsharePred,
bpPathT actual
int bpControllerGetChooserIndex( bpControllerPT contP, int address );
bpTypeT bpControllerHybridGetType( bpControllerPT contP, int index );
void bpControllerPrintChooserTable( bpControllerPT contP );
void bpControllerGetMetrics( bpControllerPT contP, int* predictions, int* misPredictions, double* misPredictionRate );
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