vanilla javascript input mask
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vanilla javascript input mask

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  • get and set raw and unmasked values easily
  • no external dependencies
  • RegExp mask
  • Function mask
  • Number mask (integer and decimal)
  • Date mask (various format support)
  • Dynamic/on-the-fly mask
  • Pattern mask
    • show placeholder always and only when necessary
    • unmasked value can contain fixed parts
    • optional input parts (greedy)
    • custom definitions
    • reusable blocks
    • Enum and Range masks



npm install imask and import IMask from 'imask';

or use CDN:

<script src=""></script>

Build & Test

npm run make


Supports all major browsers and IE11+ need to support older?

Docs, Examples, Demo

Further Plans

Many Thanks to

@Viktor Yakovlev

@Alexander Kiselev

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