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NUS Urban Analytics Lab

The Urban Analytics Lab is a research group at the National University of Singapore. Our focus is GIS, 3D city modelling, and urban informatics


  1. hdb3d-data hdb3d-data Public

    3D city model of Singapore public housing (HDB) buildings

    81 11

  2. Roofpedia Roofpedia Public

    code and data repo for the Roofpedia project

    Python 36 13

  3. Road-Network-Classification Road-Network-Classification Public

    Jupyter Notebook 26 10

  4. GANmapper GANmapper Public

    Python 33 7

  5. semantic-riverscapes-dataset semantic-riverscapes-dataset Public

    A semantically annotated UAV oblique imagery focused on river landscapes. It contains 14 classes.


  6. global-building-morphology-indicators global-building-morphology-indicators Public

    Python 21 2


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