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Form Builder

This app is used for generating a survey form from a question bank.


  1. Checkout the source from Github.
  2. Get the php package manager, Composer, by running curl -sS https://getcomposer.org/installer | php in the Form Builder directory.
  3. Install all the dependencies using Composer: php composer.phar install
  4. Setup a web server to serve out of formbuilder/web/, ensure that the web server user has write permissions to app/cache/ and app/logs/.
  5. Configure the database credentials, either using http://localhost/config.php or editing app/config/parameters.yml directly.
  6. Create the database using php app/console doctrine:database:create
  7. Create the database tables using php app/console doctrine:schema:update --force
  8. The site should now be accessible.


  • Instructions should make clear that the header and footer can contain both header and paragraph content.
  • In print preview, overly long headers will overflow instead of wrapping for some reason. Probably because the responsive css is setting the wrong width for printing?
  • Unhardcode /app_dev.php/* from all the API calls.
  • Find out why going to /app_dev.php doesn't work.

Database Encoding

Note that symfony's ORM engine, doctrine, doesn't provide a way to configure charset and collation on the databases it creates. The database default character encodings is used. So if we want UTF8 encoded databases, it has to be configured as mysql defaults (e.g.: collation_server, character_set_server options).


  • To test front end, run:


The script will launch a Chrome browser to run the test and monitor any changes on the javascripts.

  • For the back end, run:

    phpunit -c app/