AIChE Beer Workshop 2017
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Do you enjoy beer? What about process control, thermodynamics and kinetic modelling? The usage of fungi to carry out ethanol fermentation dates back to Bronze Age civilizations. However, controlling this biological process to achieve the desired beer characteristics continues to be a challenge today. Large breweries have access to highly sophisticated devices for process control, but what about home-brewers and casual brewers who can’t spare thousands of dollars for high-end equipment? This workshop will demonstrate how to build a low-cost device that can monitor and control key process variables such as temperature and pH during the brewing process. The best part is that using the Internet of Things, we can access and monitor our process variables from anywhere! Come join us and learn how to make consistently great beer from the comfort of your phone. Check out our resources at


  • Brewing startup instructions for new chapters (1. logistics, 2. brewing)
  • Brewing handbooks
  • Hardware tutorials for raspberry pi
  • Guide to connect pi to AWS
  • Links to SS brewing
  • Sanitation steps and details
  • Brewtoad recipes
  • Links to sensors

Brew Status

  • Our CHBeer Pale Ale is sitting in the bottle going through secondary fermentation and carbonating!
  • We are in the process of planning a very special blonde ale! Details will be posted soon.