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#! /bin/bash
set -e
# This script is a wonderful hack I made to get around the fact that Slate
# ( documentation recommends that you fork the
# repository and then write your documentation inside it.
# To convert Slate into a pure "doc builder", this script does a few things:
# * clone my (Robert's) fork of Slate into temporary /docs_build
# * write and sed custom configuration into the repository
# * symlink our doc assets (primarily in /docs_src, but also a few image assets
# from .static) into the cloned Slate repository
# * build the documentation into /docs, which is deployed by GH-pages
# The symlink + config hacks also allows live-reload local dev deployment (using
# the 'make run-docs' target in /Makefile).
# Get Slate
echo "[INFO] Getting Slate"
mkdir -p docs_build
cd docs_build
if [ ! -d slate ]; then
# Using Robert's fork for now, for extra swag and configuration options not
# available in vanilla Slate
git clone
echo "[INFO] Slate already present in docs_build/slate"
# Add custom config to Slate
echo "[INFO] Hacking Slate configuration"
TEMPLATE_FILES_WATCH=" :source, path: File.join(root, '../../docs_src')"
if ! grep -q "$TEMPLATE_FILES_WATCH" slate/config.rb ; then
# We want to symlink our doc assets into the repo, so to retain live reload
# functionality, we want the generator Slate uses (Middleman) to watch our
# symlink sources for changes too
>> slate/config.rb
if ! grep -q "<%= favicon_tag 'favicon.ico' %>" slate/source/layouts/layout.erb ; then
# This inserts a favicon reference into the <head /> element of the
# documentation layout
sed -i '' '/<head>/a\
<%= favicon_tag '\''favicon\.ico'\'' %>
' slate/source/layouts/layout.erb
# Set up Slate for build
echo "[INFO] Linking assets"
ln -fs "$(dirname "$(pwd)")"/docs_src/ \
ln -fs "$(dirname "$(pwd)")"/docs_src/stylesheets/_variables.scss \
ln -fs "$(dirname "$(pwd)")"/.static/inertia.png \
ln -fs "$(dirname "$(pwd)")"/.static/favicon.ico \
echo "[INFO] Installing Slate dependencies"
cd slate
bundle install
# Execute build
echo "[INFO] Building documentation"
rm -rf docs
bundle exec middleman build --clean --build-dir=../build
echo "[INFO] Moving build to $1"
cp -R ../build/. ../../"$1"
# Done!
echo "[INFO] Done!"
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