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multierr allows combining one or more Go errors together.


  • Idiomatic: multierr follows best practices in Go, and keeps your code idiomatic.
    • It keeps the underlying error type hidden, allowing you to deal in error values exclusively.
    • It provides APIs to safely append into an error from a defer statement.
  • Performant: multierr is optimized for performance:
    • It avoids allocations where possible.
    • It utilizes slice resizing semantics to optimize common cases like appending into the same error object from a loop.
  • Interoperable: multierr interoperates with the Go standard library's error APIs seamlessly:
    • The errors.Is and errors.As functions just work.
  • Lightweight: multierr comes with virtually no dependencies.


go get -u


Stable: No breaking changes will be made before 2.0.

Released under the MIT License.