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Visualization framework for autonomy and robotics data encoded in XVIZ
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twojtasz Add URL passing to the XVIZ Loaders (#285)
* Create developer application in 'test/apps/viewer'

This application is a duplicate from the *get-started* with addition
features that make it useful for testing streetscape & xviz
but isolated fromt the simple introduction application

Specifically, this enable more flexible XVIZ data source parameters
in the URL and query parameters, which have been documented.
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yarn.lock Upgrade @xviz/parser to beta.7 Apr 3, 2019 is a toolkit for visualizing autonomous and robotics data in the XVIZ protocol. It is built on top of React and Uber’s WebGL-powered visualization frameworks.

UI Components


npm install
# or
yarn add

Documentation and demo

AVS Website

Quick start

You need Node.js and yarn to run the example app.

# Clone
$ git clone
$ cd

# Install dependencies
$ yarn bootstrap

# Run example
$ cd examples/get-started
$ yarn
$ yarn start

Contributions welcomes contributions. If you have an idea, open a Github issue to get some feedback before you start implementing, to make sure that the maintainers are ready to accept it.

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