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Robotics is a branch of engineering and computer science which works to design, build, program. and operate robots. Robots are used in many environments in which human involvement could be dangerous, including bomb defusal, space repairs, and manufacturing processes. Robots typically work either autonomously or with commands sent by human operators.

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averelon commented Aug 7, 2020

The uncompensated temperature of the BMP180 is incorrectly converted to a 16-bit signed value, instead of a 32-bit signed value (long). Since the data is 16-bits wide and can therefore not be negative, the easy fix would be to do the following:

sip.js(1128): uncompensated = uint16(data[0], data[1]);

Please see page 15 of the manual of the BMP180 chip:

peterbarker commented Sep 29, 2020

Feature request

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
When we raise an internal error it may be quite some time before we get something in the dataflash log or in the mavlink stream. This makes it harder to correlate internal errors with codepaths.

Describe the solution you'd like
Emit a statustext and/or log message when we detect an internal error has

aditi741997 commented Nov 2, 2020


I was going through the costmap_2d_ros.cpp file, and there is a timer with 0.1 duration, that calls movementCB function, which updates the parameters robot_stopped_ and old_pose.
On searching for these two params int he whole navigation code, I didnt find anything that uses the values of these parameters.

I was wondering what is movementCB and these parameters for?

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