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Simple Weechat-Relay Android Client

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Weechat Android Relay Client

This is an Android Weechat Relay client. It is currently in beta status, with most things working. I use it daily without issue.

This requires weechat to be running somewhere and it connects to it. It is not a standalone weechat for your phone. If you are looking for a standalone irc client for android, you will need to look elsewhere.


Stable(ish) version - Google Play Store

Either scan the QR code, or download it from the Google Play Store.


Latest Development Snapshot - v0.08-dev

Build Status

If you're feeling adventurous, you can try the latest development version. This is built after every commit, and while I try to keep a working build, it may fail or have major bugs.

Get the latest development version here (Note: This is signed with a different key than the stable version, so you will have to uninstall to move between them)

Installation and usage:

Please refer to the quick start guide for details:


Please see the screenshots in the google play store:

Bug Reports and Feature Requests Welcome!

Please report any bugs or feature requests here on github(See the Issues tab), or send me an email: You can also ping me in #weechat on freenode(I'm also in the mostly inactive #weechat-android).

Please include the Build Identifier found in the about screen if possible.

Source Code

All of the source code is available right here on github. For a quick introduction to setting up ant/eclipse so you can begin hacking on the code, please see:

For more details about Weechat and the Relay Protocol:


If you'd like to help with this project, please get in touch with me. Email/IRC/Pull Requests accepted!

  • Translation: If you would like to help translating this app, all of the strings are in weechat-android/res/values/strings.xml; and there aren't a terribly large number of them.


v0.08-dev - In progress

  • SSL Support
  • Swiping to change buffers
  • SSH Keyfile support
  • Lots of other small things

v0.07 - June 13th, 2012

  • Tab completion for nicks(tab key or search button)
  • Automatic reconnection
  • Stunnel support(see: Stunnel Guide)
  • Text size preference
  • Massive performance tweak/bandwith reduction
  • Other bug fixes

v0.06 - May 13th, 2012

  • Rewrite rendering of chat messages(improved performance)
  • Added about screen
  • Made links in messages clickable
  • Fixed bug with irc colors in topics
  • Password now hidden in preferences
  • Added preference for prefix alignment
  • Keyboard behaves nicer in chats

v0.05-dev - May 11th, 2012

  • Complete rewrite of the frontend
  • Support Notifications
  • Background service
  • Message filters
  • UTF-8 Support(Fixes #1)


  • Skipped


  • Preferences for Colors/Timestamp
  • Highlight support for messages
  • Misc bugfixes


  • Colors!
  • A few bugfixes


  • Initial Release


Note these are from 0.06/0.07-dev, but it looks roughly the same.

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