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Weechat-Android relay client

This is a WeeChat relay client for Android.

This application is not a standalone an IRC client. It connects to WeeChat that has to be running on a remote machine. If you are looking for a standalone IRC client for Android, you will need to look elsewhere.

Get it on F-Droid Get it on Google Play

Follow our Quickstart guide to get up and running, and don't forget to read the FAQ!

Bug reports and contributing

Report any bugs or feature requests here on GitHub. You can also find us on #weechat-android on When reporting an issue, make sure to include build ID that you can find in Settings → About (looks something like “v0.13-123-g1234567”).

If you want to contribute, check out our Getting started with the code guide. It also includes instructions for building from command line. Pull requests are welcome—but please check with us on IRC before starting a substantial rewrite!


  • Fixed an issue with ED25519 keys during upgrade
  • Update Android Gradle Plugin to fix build on F-Droid
  • Rework ping logic to comply with Google Play requirements
  • Render the latest emoji on older systems
  • Certificate dialog now shows trusted chain if available
  • Fixed not being able to connect to servers that require SNI
  • Fixed cleartext web traffic not going through
  • Fixed wrong message shown in case of TLS error
  • Fixed a crash if an URL with the ellipsis character is encountered
  • Fixed a very rare inconsistent Bubble behavior
  • Fixed an issue of disappearing bubbles
  • Removed storage access permission on Android 9+
  • Added launcher and direct share shortcuts
  • Added support for Bubbles on Android 11
  • Added search functionality
  • Added a floating “go to bottom” button
  • Added a connectivity indicator
  • Copy dialog can now select text and copy several messages at once
  • Interface is no longer locked up while disconnected
  • Chat lines are no longer thrown away when not synchronizing
  • Chat scroll position is now remembered on rotation
  • App is now drawn behind system bars on supported devices
  • Added new chat line change animations
  • Local tab completer is no longer used when completing command-like text
  • A lot of internal changes and bug fixes
  • Fixed a crash when the password has never been set
  • Fixed a crash when using Modern handshake on Android 7-
  • Added support for the handshake relay command
  • Improved the way URLs are recognized
  • Black background is no longer shown when switching buffers
  • Fixed a couple of rare crashes
  • Fixed freeform window mode
  • Fixed a few rare crashes
  • Fixed a few bugs
  • Implemented command and channel name completion
  • Updated icons to have wireframe look
  • Fixed F-Droid builds
  • Allow uploading files via user-supplied HTTP POST services
  • Added file picker/take photo button
  • App can be a share target for files as well as text
  • App can receive media through keyboard
  • Parts of the app are using Kotlin now!
  • Toast background is colored to signify success or failure
  • Let users interactively accept or reject SSH host keys
  • Accept private SSH keys in PKCS #8 format
  • Added a new certificate dialog that displays the full certificate chain
  • Implemented SSL certificate pinning
  • Support for client SSL certificates
  • Added support for Ed25519 keys thanks to sshlib
  • When possible, RSA, EC, DSA keys are stored inside security hardware
  • Added media preview
  • Raised minimum Android version to Lollipop (5.0, API level 21)
  • Added German translation
  • Improved support for notify levels
  • Added an optional light theme
  • Removed some and added some color schemes, including an AMOLED theme
  • Support for coloring UI elements through color schemes
  • Ability to tweak the 256 color palette through color schemes
  • A new adaptive icon
  • Modernized some UI elements: rounded corners, lowercase buttons, etc
  • Using vector assets almost everywhere
  • Reworked a major part of the networking code—should be more stable now
  • Use a different WebSocket library: nv-websocket-client
  • Made the order of open buffers consistent with the buffer list
  • Added a filter to the share dialog
  • Activity is now no longer destroyed when pressing the back button
  • Added an option to use a system gesture exclusion zone on Android Q
  • Added Russian translation
  • Fixed the way the application detects software keyboard
  • Fixed some of the notification glitches and inconsistencies
  • Now using LeakCanary to detect memory leaks
  • Library updates and stability fixes
  • Bundled notifications with instant reply on Android 7+
  • A menu switch that instantly turns filtering on or off
  • Use RecyclerView that comes with some animations
  • Buffer title is now at the top of buffer lines
  • Ask user for permission to read external storage
  • Library updates and stability fixes
  • Service to run only while connecting/connected; quit button removed
  • “Fetch more” button
  • SSH library update; require known hosts; store known hosts and key inside app
  • Significant refactoring of connectivity; stunnel removed
  • Better logging and error handling
v0.11 - November 2015
  • Material design
  • Ping mechanism
  • Color schemes
  • Read marker line
  • Ability to resend lines
  • Font preference
  • More notification options
  • Weechat → relay synchronization every 5 minutes
  • Validation of settings
  • Better url detection
  • A bunch of stability fixes
v0.10 - Skipped/unreleased
v0.9-rc1 - Oct 25th, 2014
  • Too much to list, lots and lots and lots of fixes, UI tweaks, and changes
  • Special thanks to @oakkitten and @mhoran for their help and contributions
  • SSL Support
  • Swiping to change buffers
  • SSH Keyfile support
  • Lots of other small things
v0.07 - June 13th, 2012
  • Tab completion for nicks(tab key or search button)
  • Automatic reconnection
  • Stunnel support (see: Stunnel Guide)
  • Text size preference
  • Massive performance tweak/bandwidth reduction
  • Other bug fixes
v0.06 - May 13th, 2012
  • Rewrite rendering of chat messages(improved performance)
  • Added about screen
  • Made links in messages clickable
  • Fixed bug with irc colors in topics
  • Password now hidden in preferences
  • Added preference for prefix alignment
  • Keyboard behaves nicer in chats
v0.05-dev - May 11th, 2012
  • Complete rewrite of the frontend
  • Support Notifications
  • Background service
  • Message filters
  • UTF-8 Support(Fixes #1)
v.0.04 - Skipped/unreleased
  • Preferences for Colors/Timestamp
  • Highlight support for messages
  • Misc bugfixes
  • Colors!
  • A few bugfixes
  • Initial Release