A Leaflet Plugin to indicate GeoFeatures outside of the view
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Leaflet EdgeMarker

Works with Leaflet 0.7x and 1.0x

Leaflet EdgeMarker is a Leaflet plugin which allows you to indicate Markers, Circles and CircleMarkers that are outside of the current view by displaying CircleMarkers at the edges of the map.


Check out the demo


  • bower install Leaflet.EdgeMarker


  • Download the Leaflet.EdgeMarker.js


  • Include the file after you included leaflet.js
  • copy images/edge-arrow-marker.png to the leaflet image directory or specify your own marker icon (see demo).
  • Initialize the EdgeMarkers with var edgeMarkers = L.edgeMarker().addTo(map) after you initialized your map and Markers/Circles/CircleMarkers
  • To remove the EdgeMarkers, call edgeMarkers.destroy()

Or look at the source of example.html