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Handlebars Routes

🔬 This was an experiment to see if I could translate Rails routes into something useable on the client side.

Its totally do-able but there are some major security implications to exposing ALL of your routes client side.

I'm no longer using this library, so hopefully it will serve as inspiration to someone else.


Bundle it

gem 'handlebars_routes', '~> 0.0.1'

Sprockets require it (in app/assets/javascripts/application.(js|coffee) for example):

//= handlebars_routes

The link_to helper uses underscore.js templating and assumes you have put it into "mustache mode"

# Setup underscore's templating to use Mustache style templates
_.templateSettings =
  interpolate: /\{\{(.+?)\}\}/g

What it does

Its really annoying not to have all your Rails routes on the client side especially when you're doing Javascript templating. This gem aims to fix that by dumping your rails routes into a rails_routes object in javascript.

I've added my Handlebars Helpers router and link_to. The link_to helper uses the router helper to create links in Handlebars templates very much like creating links in Rails templates.

The router will traverse your object looking for the right attributes to put into the route. You could also use these routes in Backbone models' urls, haven't tried it yet but its a thought.

Examples are probably better eh?

Given the Rails routes:

resources :items do
  resources :products

Given the data (a Backbone like object):

item = { attributes: {
           id: 42, 
           product: {id:24, title: 'Pugs not Drugs'}, 
           item_code: "PUGS", 

And the template item/show.jst.hbs (notice the triple-stache around link_to). "item_product" is the route that Rails provided. The list of routes are stored in the rails_routes global javascript object. Take a look at it in Inspector to find specific routes.

    <td>{{{link_to product.title "item_product"}}}</td>
    <td> {{item_code}}  </td>
    <td> {{created_at}}</td>

And this coffeescript Backbone View:

class ItemView extends Backbone.View
  # ...

  render: =>
    $(@el).prepend JST['item/show'] @model

  # ...

This awesome looking html will be produced!!!

  <td><a href="/items/42/products/24">Pugs not Drugs</a</td>