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Deploy Website

Website that contains index of Ubucon Asia events Built with Hugo and Vanilla framework

Adding contents

You will need to install Hugo CLI to easily add contents.

To create new content, run the following command

# Create event content
hugo new --kind events events/<session-name>/
# Example: Create session content with title "Ubucon Asia 2021"
hugo new --kind events events/ubucon-asia-2021/

After that, You will find generated markdown file under content directory. Edit the markdown file to add details. To add photo files, put files on content item directory.(The same path where content item's exists.)

How to localize

  1. Add language info in config.yml under languages: section. And fill out translation for site title, description and navigation menu. After adding language in config.yml you will be able to see your new language in language chooser menu.
  ko: # Language code
    languageName: 한국어 # Language name
    title: 우부콘 아시아
    weight: 2
      description: >- # description for event period
        2021년 부터 매년 Ubuntu 아시아 지역 커뮤니티를 모으고 연결하는 Ubuntu 컨퍼런스
      main: # site navigation fields
        - identifier: events
          name: 행사 # Make sure to translate only "name" field
          url: events
          weight: 1
        - identifier: wiki
          name: 위키
          weight: 5
  1. UI localization
    You can see UI locale files in i18n directory. make a copy of en.toml And translate strings wraped with quotation marks. Below is an example.
other = "Learn more"
other = "더 알아보기"
  1. Markdown content localization

Most markdown files are name or To translate, Make a copy of markdown file on same path. with the filename index.<lang-code>.md or _index.<lang-code>.md (e.g. or Then, translate the copied file.

Ubucon Asia 2021 website uses hugo's i18n feature to support localization. To learn more, please refer to "Multilingual Mode"


Code: MIT, Contents: CC BY 4.0