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CodeWOF is a website for maintaining your basic programming skills, developed at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

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There are two major features of the CodeWOF project:

  • Programming 'fitness' helper: With a free account you can maintain your basic programming skills with short daily programming exercises. Earn points and achievements while maintaining your coding Warrant of Fitness.
  • Style checkers: We've rewritten professional code style standards to make them easier to understand for beginners. Our style checkers review your code with professional standards but provide simplified descriptions and examples to easily help you improve your coding style (no account needed).

Currently both features are available for Python 3; we would like to introduce more languages in future updates.


This is it! All of it. We intend to create proper documentation in a full docs directory in the near future. Don't be afraid to ask for help!


We would love your help to make CodeWOF as useful as it can be! A contribution guide will be made available in the future.


Third-party libraries used in this project have their licences listed within the LICENCE-THIRD-PARTY file, with a full copy of the licence available within the third-party-licences directory. If a source file of a third-party library or system is stored within this repository, then a copyright notice should be present at the top of the file.

This rest of the project is licensed under the MIT licence (LICENCE file). This licence applies to the content and all other underlying code used to manage and display the content.


You can contact us at