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Partially Adaptive Momentum Estimation
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This repository contains our pytorch implementation of Partially Adaptive Momentum Estimation method (Padam) in the paper [Closing the Generalization Gap of Adaptive Gradient Methods in Training Deep Neural Networks].


  • Pytorch
  • CUDA


Use python to run for experiments on Cifar10 and for experiments on Cifar100

Command Line Arguments:

  • --lr: (start) learning rate
  • --method: optimization method, e.g., "sgdm", "adam", "amsgrad", "padam"
  • --net: network architecture, e.g. "vggnet", "resnet", "wideresnet"
  • --partial: partially adaptive parameter for Padam method
  • --wd: weight decay
  • --Nepoch: number of training epochs
  • --resume: whether resume from previous training process

Usage Examples:

  • Run experiments on Cifar10:
  -  python  --lr 0.1 --method "padam" --net "vggnet"  --partial 0.125 --wd 5e-4
  • Run experiments on Cifar100:
  -  python  --lr 0.1 --method "padam" --net "resnet"  --partial 0.125 --wd 5e-4
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