Provides commands to install/update/remove Keypirinha Packages
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Keypirinha Package Control

This is a package for the fast keystroke launcher keypirinha ( It provides commands to install, update and remove third party packages.


All commands are prefixed with PackageControl:.

  • Install Package - Downloads the new package and installs it
  • Update Package - Checks if a new version of the package is available and updates if so
  • Update All Packages - Does the Update Package command for all installed packages
  • Remove Package - Deinstalls the package (configurations are untouched)
  • Reinstall Package - Deinstalls the package and installs it again (configurations are untouched)
  • Reinstall Untracked - Reinstalls a already installed package, that was not installed through PackageControl (untracked package)
  • Reinstall All Untracked - Does the Reinstall Untracked command for all untracked packages
  • Update Repository List - Downloads the list of available package again


Directly from Keypirinha

  • Open the Keypirinha: Console
  • Enter the following:
    import keypirinha as kp,keypirinha_net as kpn,os;p="PackageControl.keypirinha-package";d=kpn.build_urllib_opener().open(""+p);;d.close();f=open(os.path.join(kp.installed_package_dir(),p),"wb");f.write(pb);f.close()


  • Download the PackageControl.keypirinha-package from the releases
  • Copy the file into %APPDATA%\Keypirinha\InstalledPackages (installed mode) or <Keypirinha_Home>\portable\Profile\InstalledPackages (portable mode)


If you have any problems after updating packages, please try to restart Keypirinha and see if the problems are still there. The reason for some problems can be Live Reloading of packages, also related: this issue.

TL;DR: Python's import/unload machinery can sometimes do weird stuff at runtime. Restarting the python interpreter helps.

Default Repository


The default repository is maintained by myself, it's called "ueffel's Package Repository". An overview of available packages can be viewed here.

Submit your own package

If you created your own package and want it to be available via PackageControl to other Keypirinha users you can submit it here. The preferred way of publishing is Github. Your package repository should have the ready-to-use .keypirinha-package file in the release section. The package repository looks for the newest release that has such a file und exposes it.

(If I find the time for it I will clean up and publish the code for the package repository web app for everyone that wants his own package repository. It's a python wsgi application written with flask.)