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Another log viewer for Kubernetes
Go Makefile
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📒 logbook

Logbook is a real-time log viewer for Kubernetes.



Download a latest version of the binary from releases, or use go get as follows:

$ go get -u


$ logbook [--kubeconfig KUBECONFIG] [--namespace NAMESPACE]

  --kubeconfig  Path to kubeconfig file
  --namespace   Kubernetes namespace
  • Ctrl+n: Select next pod
  • Ctrl+p: Scroll previous pod
  • j: Scroll down
  • k: Scroll up
  • h: Scroll left
  • l: Scroll right
  • f: Enable and disable follow mode
  • Ctrl+D: Scroll half-page down
  • Ctrl+U: Scroll half-page up
  • Ctrl+F: Scroll page down
  • Ctrl+B: Scroll page up
  • G: Scroll to bottom
  • g: Scroll to top
  • Tab: Switch containers
  • /: Search forward for matching line.
  • n: Repeat previous search.
  • N: Repeat previous search in reverse direction.
  • q: Quit



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