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Task-like structs which capture no synchronization context on the await operations.
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NuGet package:

Use ContextFreeTask struct instead of Task class (System.Threading.Tasks namespace) for return types of async methods.

private async ContextFreeTask FAsync() { ... }
private async ContextFreeTask<T> FAsync<T>() { ... }

These ignore the current synchronization context in the methods. You do not have to write ConfigureAwait(false) anymore.


In C# 7, async methods may return other types in addition to Task, Task<T> and void. The returned type must satisfy a certain pattern. These types are called "Task-like".

The ContextFreeTask struct in this library satisfies the "Task-like" pattern and the "awaitable" pattern.

What ContextFreeTask does

The methods which return ContextFreeTask do not capture the synchronization context.

For example, you can use this as following:

// All awaits in this method don't capture SynchronizationContext
private async ContextFreeTask FAsync()
    // Whatever current context is
    await Task.Delay(100);
    // no context here
    await Task.Delay(100);
    // no context here

This code behaves almost the same as the following:

private async Task FAsync()
    await Task.Delay(100).ConfigureAwait(false);
    await Task.Delay(100).ConfigureAwait(false);


The ContextFreeTask struct is a thin wrapper of Task class.

public struct ContextFreeTask
    public Task Task { get; }

And the ContextFreeTask<T> is that of Task<T>.

public struct ContextFreeTask<T>
    public Task<T> Task { get; }

Those AsyncMethodBuilders always clear current synchronization context.

public struct AsyncContextFreeTaskMethodBuilder
    private AsyncTaskMethodBuilder _methodBuilder;

    public void AwaitOnCompleted<TAwaiter, TStateMachine>(ref TAwaiter awaiter, ref TStateMachine stateMachine)
        where TAwaiter : INotifyCompletion
        where TStateMachine : IAsyncStateMachine
        var prevContext = SynchronizationContext.Current;
            _methodBuilder.AwaitOnCompleted(ref awaiter, ref stateMachine);
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