a tiny software that receive a smtp request (email) and send it to the specified webhook as a http post request
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SMTP2HTTP (email-to-web)

smtp2http is a simple smtp server that resends the incoming email to the configured web endpoint (webhook) as a basic http post request.


At our company uFlare we wanted to build a platform for receiving requests via mail clients and posting it to a customized webhook to do its business logic, we wanted also to use Go as the environment so we started to develop that smtp server based on go-smtpsrv library, and because we believe in the power of the opensource we decided to release this software as an opensource project for the community because it may help anyone else.


  • binaries: go to releases page and choose your distribution.
  • go: go get github.com/uflare/smtp2http
  • docker: docker run --network=host uflare/smtp2http --listen=:25 --webhook=http://localhost:8080/api/smtp-hook --strict=true


smtp2http --listen=:25 --webhook=http://localhost:8080/api/smtp-hook --strict=true


smtp2http --help


Fork > Patch > Create Pull Request


uFlare Company.