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专注批量推送的小而美的工具,目前支持:模板消息-公众号、模板消息-小程序、微信客服消息、微信企业号/企业微信消息、阿里云短信、阿里大于模板短信 、腾讯云短信、云片网短信、E-Mail、HTTP请求、钉钉、华为云短信、百度云短信、又拍云短信、七牛云短信

  • Updated Jan 15, 2022
  • Java
ReeceM commented Sep 27, 2020


It would be useful to have a middleware that is dedicated to the MailEclipse editor, instead of defining it in the controllers constructor. Currently if it is updated, you have to make sure it is updated in both controllers and also any future controllers.

It might not be clear to an end user where the actual auth logic is coming in.

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