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Enhanced DUC is a dynamic DNS update client and daemon. Primarily it's written for use with the DNS services that NoIP provide. However: the protocol "is in an open format used by other service providers". I began working on the project in November 2015. The goal is to create a better update client for UNIX by using modern C coding practices.


To clone the repository use Git.

$ git clone


Enhanced DUC depends on the OpenSSL toolkit. Which means that on, for example, a Debian GNU/Linux system you need to install a package with name libssl-dev before building:

# apt install libssl-dev

Building and installing

$ cd /path/to/source

If your system comes with strlcpy() and strlcat() please edit enhanced-duc-config.h.

$ make
$ sudo make install

Program options

-h           Print help
-c           Create a config file by asking the user for input.
             The user will be given the opportunity to choose a
             location for the config file, i.e. where to create it.
-x <path>    Start the DUC with the config file specified by path
-D           Turn on debug mode
-o           Don't cycle, i.e. don't periodically check for IP
             changes. Only update the hostname(s) once.
-B           Run in the background and act as a daemon

Good to know

  • If the program isn't running as a daemon it can be terminated with CTRL+C.
  • If port 443 is specified TLS/SSL will be enabled.
  • Valid ports are 80, 443 and 8245.

Other notes

  • Building for GNU/Linux was broken in v1.2 - v1.3.1.
  • Please read the system log, possibly /var/log/daemon.log or /var/log/daemon (depending on your UNIX variant).