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This is the base component that all Alchemy components will rely on at a minimum. The functionality provided is a base set of shared directives and common SCSS variables.

How to Release

For now, the release process for an Alchemy component requires a few manual steps. First, build a new release version and commit to master. The build process will:

  • run JSHint
  • compile SCSS
  • concatenate Javascript
  • copy the JS, SCSS, CSS into dist/

To build:

grunt build
git status
git commit -a

Now, we want to push the build directory into a release branch. If you already have a release branch, clean-it-up with:

git branch -D release

Create the release branch as a subtree of the dist/ directory:

git subtree split --prefix dist --branch release

Now checkout the release branch:

git checkout release

You should see everything that was in the dist/ directory laid out in a flat file structure. The last step is to version bump, tag and push out. In the example below, we are updating the version to 0.0.2.

vim component.json # adjust the version field => "version": "0.0.2"
git commit -a -m 'Version bump'
git tag 0.0.2
git push alchemy release --force && git push alchemy --tags