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Deprecated in favor of Angular-CLI starter:

UI-Router for Angular 2 QuickStart Source

Start development

Install the npm packages described in the package.json and verify that it works:

git clone
cd quickstart-ng2
npm install
npm run tsc
npm start

UI-Router for NG2 quickstart highlights:

Foo module

  • Simple nested views
  • Update browser hash value

Bar module

  • Resolve data from server (bar list)
  • Query parameter
  • Nested view (bar detail renders inside bar list)

Baz module

  • This module is lazy loaded using a "Future State" with a lazyLoad function
  • Resolve data from server (baz list)
  • Path parameter
  • View targeting (baz detail replaces the baz list)

You're ready to write your application.

Remember the npm scripts in package.json:

  • npm start - runs the compiler and a server at the same time, both in "watch mode".
  • npm run tsc - runs the TypeScript compiler once.
  • npm run tsc:w - runs the TypeScript compiler in watch mode; the process keeps running, awaiting changes to TypeScript files and re-compiling when it sees them.
  • npm run lite - runs the lite-server, a light-weight, static file server, written and maintained by John Papa and Christopher Martin with excellent support for Angular apps that use routing.
  • npm run typings - runs the typings tool.
  • npm run postinstall - called by npm automatically after it successfully completes package installation. This script installs the TypeScript definition files this app requires.

(This repo is forked from