A neocomplcache plugin for English, using look command
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neco-look: look completion for deoplete/neocomplete/neocomplcache

A deoplete/neocomplete/neocomplcache plugin for /usr/bin/look for completing words in English.


  • Install one of the following comprehensive Vim auto-completion plugins
    • deoplete.nvim (recommended)
    • neocomplete.vim (its development has been discontinued)
    • neocomplcache.vim (its development has been discontinued)
  • Make sure if you already have look command
  • Use your favourite Vim plugin manager to install neco-look itself as well
    • e.g. dein.vim
      • call dein#add('ujihisa/neco-look') in your ~/.vimrc


  • Tatsuhiro Ujihisa
  • Shougo Matsushita


GPL-3 or later