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You need to add the path to a class of global include path.

After that, your IDE, when you declare a class Redis will display a hint which methods of this object can be used.

For example:

$redis = new Redis();
$redis->con<press Tab or press Ctrl+Space>


Do not forget to declare a variable type $ redis

 * Please do not forget to specify the variable type
 * @var Redis
public $redis = null;

Example of use


Setup in IDE PhpStorm

Menu "File" -> "Settings" -> "PHP" -> Select path to folder "phpredis-phpdoc"

Setup in IDE NetBeans

  • Save the file to netbeans stubs folder. For example: ~/netbeans-8.2/php/phpstubs/phpruntime/redis.php

Setup in Zend Studio IDE (Eclipse PDT)

  • Open "Window" -> "Preferences"
  • In preferences dialog open "PHP" -> "PHP Libriaries"
  • Click "New" button, in "User library name" enter "Redis", click "OK"
  • Select newly created "Redis", library Click "Add external folder", select path to the folder which contains your checkout of phpredis-phpdoc or you can download single "Redis.php" file
  • Include your custom library in your project: open "Project" -> "Properties" -> "PHP Include Path", click add library, select "User library", click "Next", check "Redis", click "Finish"
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