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Ulabox datasets

Usage Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in Ulabox datasets. The public datasets in this repository are provided as-is for non-commercial use. They contain anonymized but real information from a set of purchases and other processes on Ulabox's website.

If you have any question or issue related to these datasets, please open an Issue here.

About Ulabox

Ulabox is the most successful pure-player online grocery in Spain. It picks up more than €1 million in monthly revenue and asserts a customer satisfaction above 95%. It currently serves Madrid and Barcelona with fresh food and the rest of Spain's peninsula with non perishable items.


Ulabox orders with categories' partials 2017

File: ulabox_orders_with_categories_partials_2017.csv

Analysis: Example analysis in jupyter

The ulabox_orders_with_categories_partials_2017 dataset includes a subset of anonymized 30k orders from the beginning of 2017. All kind of customers (around 10k) are represented in this dataset: from urban and rural areas, from first-timers to loyal customers.

Data dictionary

The dataset contains 30k samples with the following features:

  • customer: Anonymized customer's id.
  • order: Order id, starting from zero.
  • total_items : The number of items purchased in the order.
  • discount% : The percent of total discount received. For instance, if the customer saves €20 in a €100 order (that is, he had to pay €80), this field will contain a 20.
  • weekday : Day of the week when the order was paid. 1=Monday, 7=Sunday.
  • hour : The hour of the day the purchase was done. From 00 to 23.
  • Categories' partials : Percent of money spent in each of the 8 website's main categories:
    • Food% : Non perishable food, for example: rice, cooking oil, snacks, cookies, sauces, canned food.
    • Fresh% : Fresh and frozen food, for example: fresh tuna, fruits, frozen pizza, salads, meat.
    • Drinks% : All kind of beverages, like: water, juices, wine, alcoholic drinks, milk, soy drinks.
    • Home% : Products for home, from toilet paper to small appliances.
    • Beauty% : Items for cleaning your body and makeup; for example: shampoo, shaving foam, cosmetics.
    • Health% : Medicinal solutions that can be sold in Spain without medic prescription: diet pills, condoms, tooth paste.
    • Baby% : Useful articles if you have a baby: diapers, baby food, baby care.
    • Pets% : Items related with dogs, cats and other pets; like food, toys, sanitary sand.


If you make use of this dataset, please use the following citation:

The Ulabox Online Supermarket Dataset 2017, accessed from


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