Erlang NIF interface to TweetNaCl.
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TweetNaCl for Erlang

This library is an Erlang interface to the TweetNaCl cryptographic functions. It is meant to encrypt/decrypt small messages (< 30k) and not bulk data.

The design goals for this project are:

  • Keep the implementation as minimal and simple as possible to allow for easy security review.

  • Prioritize simplicity and robustness over performance.

  • Focus on supporting enc/dec for small messages.

  • Focus on UNIX systems.

  • Support for Erlang runtime code upgrades is not a priority.

In order to execute as regular NIFs, without degrading Erlang VM scheduler performance, the maximum message size for encryption / decryption has been capped at 30k. This to keep the execution time below 1ms (see

Note that this library is currently work in progress.

Copyright (c) 2016 Ulf Leopold.