A command-line tool to postprocess iconutil-generated .icns files to make them compatible with Mac OS X 10.5
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A tool to postprocess iconutil-generated .icns files to make them compatible with Mac OS X 10.5


Syntax: oldiconutil {--help|[--inplace [--compression ]|--list] } Convert a .icns icon file holding PNG-encoded icons (supported in 10.6) to JPEG 2000-encoded icons (supported in 10.5).

--help - Show this message.

icnsFilePath - Path of input icns file. Output file will have _10_5 appended to its name, unless the --inplace option is given, in which case it'll replace the input file.

If --list is given, oldiconutil will simply print a description of the file.

--compression - One of the compression formats of tif, bmp, gif, jpg, png, jp2, immediately followed by a number from 0.0 (best compression) through 1.0 (no compression) indicating how much to compress. If you do not provide a format, the default is jp2 (JPEG 2000), if you do not specify a compression factor, it defaults to 1.0 (uncompressed). Note not all formats may be recognized by Mac OS X Finder (especially in 10.5), but are provided for people who want to experiment.


In Mac OS X 10.6, Apple introduced support for PNG-compressed icon data in .icns files. In Mac OS X 10.8, Apple introduced support for Retina icons and the iconutil command-line tool for generating icons from a folder of PNG files.

However, iconutil only knows how to generate PNG-compressed icon data, which means that you can't use it to create a Retina icon that will still display properly on Mac OS X 10.5.

Note: There seems to be a file size limit of some sort on 10.5 as well. Adjust the compression to reduce your icon's size if it still doesn't display on 10.5.


oldiconutil post-processes any .icns files you give it, extracts the PNG data and re-compresses it using JPEG 2000. If you give it an icon generated by iconutil, you can create a Retina icon that displays correctly and beautifully on Mac OS X 10.8 all the way back through Mac OS X 10.5


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