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Active appearance model exploration tool
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Visualize a level-set based Active Appearance Model and explore the model parameters in Matlab. See references for details of the modeling framework.

Run help aamexplorer for usage.

The model is presented as a transverse, sagittal and coronal view of the generated image and outline of shape, as well as a 3-D rendering of the shape. You can navigate the image volume by scrolling though slices, moving the 3-D cursor or rotating the 3-D rendering. The generated shape is shown as a green contour. The mean shape can be toggled, and is shown as a red contour.

Parameters can be changed using sliders. Each paramter represent a certain fraction of the total variance in the appearance model; this fraction is shown next to each parameter slider. Sliders range from -2 to +2 times the parameter standard deviation. The first parameter is the most significant. If the GUI window is not high enough the least significant parameter sliders are not shown.

Author: Ulrik Landberg Stephansen, Aalborg University


Tsai, A. et. al. (2003). A shape-based approach to the segmentation of medical imagery using level sets. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 22(2), 137-154.

Hu, S. & Collins, D. L. (2007) Joint level-set shape modeling and appearance modeling for brain structure segmentation. NeuroImage, 36(3), 672-683.

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