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Angular Fundamentals Seed

This is the seed project for the Angular Fundamentals course by Todd Motto.

Project Setup and Tooling


This course is recorded with the following tools, you can optionally follow along using the same, or your favourite text editor/IDE and browser.

Text editor: Visual Studio Code, you can download it here for both Mac, Windows and Linux. Browser: Google Chrome, you can download it here


Please make sure that you have the following installed:

  • Install the latest version of Node.js (Mac or Windows)

    • Mac users can optionally brew install node if they have brew installed
  • Node Sass, you may need it if you haven't already got it installed:

npm install -g node-sass

Project Install

To grab the seed project, either Fork this repo or click here to download the .zip folder and extract the files wherever you like on your machine.

Step 1: Package Manager

To install the project dependencies, you will need to either use npm or yarn. To install yarn, run the following in your terminal:

npm install -g yarn

Mac users can alternatively use brew to install yarn.

brew update
brew install yarn

If you experience any issues when installing/using yarn you can checkout the installation instructions here.

Step 2: Project Dependencies

Now that we have a package manager, we can install the project dependencies. You can do this by running:

yarn install

# OR

npm install

This will install our dependencies for running our Angular application.

Step 3: Running the project

During development, the project is built using webpack-dev-server. This provides a local development server as well as having webpack recompile our app when a file changes. The project will also automatically refresh the page whenever we make changes.

To start the project in development, run:

yarn start

# OR

npm start

This will output some information about the project (such as the TypeScript version and build progress). Once you see "build completed", you are ready to code!

Open your browser to localhost:4000 to start running the code.

Project Tooling

The project uses webpack to build and compile all of our assets. This will do the following for us:

  • Compile all our TypeScript code into JavaScript (starting from main.ts and branching outwards from imported files)
  • Bundle all our JavaScript into one file to use
  • Allow us to use SASS for our component's CSS files
  • Provide the polyfills needed to run our app in all modern browsers
  • Mock a JSON backend using json-server