Creates HAR files from Safari on iOS Simulator
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Loads pages on Safari on iOS Simulator and builds a HTTP Archive (HAR) file for page load.

This is work-in-progress and liable to change


  1. Clone repository
  2. Run npm install to install dependencies


Load the iOS Simulator and launch Safari then

Usage: bin/ios-har-builder [options] URL...

  --output, -o   Dump generated HAR to file instead of stdout
  --verbose, -v  Enable verbose output

N.B. Options for host and port don't currently work

Example:    bin/ios-har-builder -o example.har


ios-har-builder is based on a fork of chrome-har-capturer ( by Andrea Cardaci (

It's a separate fork for now as there are some differences in behaviour between Chrome and Safari e.g. lack of navigation / resource timing in Safari, Safari wraps the WebKit debug protocol in RPC etc.


  • Cookies aren't currently supported
  • Code needs cleaning up and refactoring in several places
  • Host and Port parameters don't work
  • iOS Simulator only (for now)