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Our Umbraco

Complete source of the Umbraco community site,

Build in Visual Studio

Make sure to allow NuGet Package Restore in VS (Tools > Options > Package Manager). The first build of the project will take quite a while, please be patient, it will finish at some point. Upon build a web.config file will be copied into the OurUmbraco.Site project which you can use in the following step.

If you're working on the frontend (the js/css/etc parts in ~/OurUmbraco.Client) then you can either run ~/build/BuildClientFiles.bat to build them and have them copied into the site. Or if you have npm/gulp installed on your machine you can run the usual commands in the ~/OurUmbraco.Client folder:

npm install
npm install gulp -g

Database Restore

Download the SQL Server Database from:

Restore the database to SQL Server 2017 (won't work on earlier versions) and update the connection strings (umbracoDbDSN) in OurUmbraco.Site/web.config.

Logging in

  • To log into the backoffice use admin@our.test / 1234567890.

  • To log into the frontend use member@our.test / 1234567890.

In the web.config you get when you first build the project, you will need to change the following appSetting, from true to false:

<add key="umbracoUseSSL" value="false" />

Additionally, you will need to set requireSSL in the Web.Config to false to be able to login to the frontend.

<authentication mode="Forms">
    <forms requireSSL="false" name="yourAuthCookie" loginUrl="login.aspx" protection="All" path="/" slidingExpiration="true" timeout="525600" />

Projects Area

If the projects area seems empty then that's because you need to rebuild the Examine indexes for it through the Developer section of Umbraco.

Documentation Area

If the documentation area seems empty then that's because you need to download the documentation, look for the documentationIndexer in the Examine dashboard in the Developer section of Umbraco and Rebuild the index. This will automatically download the latest documentation from GitHub.


Please read our Contributing Guidelines to learn how you can get involved and help with the Umbraco community site.


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