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This Github project is used to manage the final build of the Starter Kit and is not meant to be used as the Starter kit content source.

TODO: We need to merge this repo: into this one and remove the css/js one, they should exist in this one only.

You can find the Starter Kit as the default option in Umbraco 7.6.4+ as well as in the package repository on Our Umbraco.

Default Back Office user is: Email: Password: 1234567890

Get in touch if you wish to have access to this Umbraco Cloud project which contains the master content for the starter kit.

Alternatively if you are doing development for the starter kit, you can launch the website project contained in this repo.

Building the package

The build script is: /build/build.ps1 run it in the powershell cli: .\build\build.ps1

It will prompt you for the version number and pre-release. Example, enter 1.0.0 for the build number and if it's a pre-release enter beta-01 (be sure to enter the hyphen prefix). If it's not a pre-release just press enter to skip that step.

The package output will be /build/Releases/(VersionNumber)/

Maintaining the package

If changes are made to the package, the package manifest file will need to be updated:

  • Save the package in the back office - this will update the /App_Data/packages/created/createdPackages.config
  • Publish the package in the back office and press the download button to download the .zip file
  • Open the zip file and find the package.xml file, copy it's contents to the /build/packageManifest.xml file. Alternatively you can manually edit the /build/packageManifest.xml file if you know what needs to be changed.
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