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Doc Type Grid Editor for Umbraco 7.6+
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leekelleher Adds `Key` to grid-cell's `IPublishedContent` model
Since we've increased the Umbraco dependency to v7.6.0,
we can now use `PublishedContentWithKeyBase`.

This isn't considered a breaking-change, since our
`DetachedPublishedContent` has been marked as internal.

Fixes #131
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Doc Type Grid Editor

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A grid editor for Umbraco 7 that allows you to use Doc Types as a blue print for grid-cell data.

Getting Started


Note: Doc Type Grid Editor has been developed against Umbraco v7.6.0 and will support that version and above.

Doc Type Grid Editor can be installed from either Our Umbraco package repository, or build manually from the source-code.

Our Umbraco package repository

To install from Our Umbraco, please download the package from:

NuGet package repository

To install from NuGet, you can run the following command from within Visual Studio:

PM> Install-Package Our.Umbraco.DocTypeGridEditor

We also have a MyGet package repository - for bleeding-edge / development releases.

Manual build

If you prefer, you can compile Doc Type Grid Editor yourself, you'll need:

To clone it locally click the "Clone in Windows" button above or run the following git commands.

git clone umbraco-doc-type-grid-editor
cd umbraco-doc-type-grid-editor

Developers Guide

For details on how to use the Doc Type Grid Editor package, please refer to our Developers Guide documentation.

Known Issues

Please be aware that not all property-editors will work within Doc Type Grid Editor. The following Umbraco core property-editors are known to have compatibility issues:

  • Image Cropper
  • Macro Container
  • Tags
  • Upload

Another known issue is that validation of property-editors within the overlay do not always work. For editors that use client-side (HTML5) validation, this may appear to work, (e.g. text input require attribute is added), but server-side validation does not work.

Contributing to this project

Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute. Please take a moment to review the guidelines for contributing.


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Dev Team

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Copyright © 2017 UMCO, Our Umbraco and other contributors

Copyright © 2014 Umbrella Inc

Licensed under the MIT License

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