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SharpCifs.Std is a port from SharpCifs to .NET Standard. Original SharpCifs:
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Xamarin & .NET Core Ready, SMB/CIFS(Windows shared folder) Access Library.
This is a port of SharpCifs to .NET Standard.

Project Site:

Xamarin/.NET Core対応のSMB/CIFS(Windows共有)アクセスライブラリです。
SharpCifsを .NET Standard に移植したものです。


You can access the Windows shared folder, NAS by Xamarin, .NET Core.(= without mpr.dll, Netapi32.dll)
It's a rework of SharpCifs, and The origin is JCIFS.

Windowsの共有フォルダやNASへ、Xamarin/.NET Coreアプリからアクセス出来ます。
JCIFSのWindows Phone 8.1移植版だったSharpCifsを、.NET Standardで動作するように修正しました。

Supports .NET Standard 1.3 (= Xamarin.Android/iOS1.0, .NET Core1.0, .NET Framework 4.6)


System.Console (>= 4.3.0)
System.Net.NameResolution (>= 4.3.0)
System.Net.NetworkInformation (>= 4.3.0)
System.Net.Sockets (>= 4.3.0)
System.Security.Cryptography.Algorithms (>= 4.3.0)
System.Security.Cryptography.Primitives (>= 4.3.0)
System.Threading.Tasks (>=4.3.0)
System.Threading.Thread (>= 4.3.0) <-removed


  1. Add NuGet Package to your project, or download this and add ref SharpCifs.STD1.3/SharpCifs.STD1.3.csproj
  2. setting, ussage are same as JCIFS.


  1. プロジェクトにNuGetパッケージを追加するか、
     もしくはこのソースをダウンロードの上 SharpCifs.STD1.3/SharpCifs.STD1.3.csproj をプロジェクト参照してください。
  2. 設定や使い方は、JCIFSに準じます。


Get items in shared folder:

//using System;
//using SharpCifs.Smb;

//Get SmbFile-Object of a folder.
var folder = new SmbFile("smb://UserName:Password@ServerIP/ShareName/FolderName/");

var epocDate = new DateTime(1970, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, DateTimeKind.Utc);

//List items
foreach (SmbFile item in folder.ListFiles())
    var lastModDate = epocDate.AddMilliseconds(item.LastModified())

    var name = item.GetName();
    var type = item.IsDirectory() ? "dir" : "file";
    var date = lastModDate.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss");
    var msg = $"{name} ({type}) - LastMod: {date}";


Read a File:

//using System;
//using System.IO;
//using System.Text;
//using SharpCifs.Smb;

//Get target's SmbFile.
var file = new SmbFile("smb://UserName:Password@ServerIP/ShareName/Folder/FileName.txt");

//Get readable stream.
var readStream = file.GetInputStream();

//Create reading buffer.
var memStream = new MemoryStream();

//Get bytes.

//Dispose readable stream.



Create a new File:

//using System.Text;
//using SharpCifs.Smb;

//Get the SmbFile specifying the file name to be created.
var file = new SmbFile("smb://UserName:Password@ServerIP/ShareName/Folder/NewFileName.txt");

//Create file.

//Get writable stream.
var writeStream = file.GetOutputStream();

//Write bytes.

//Dispose writable stream.


Scan Servers & Shares on LAN:

//using System;
//using SharpCifs.Smb;

//When using the host name when connecting,
//When using the host name when connecting,
//Change default local port(137) to a value larger than 1024.
//In many cases, use of the well-known port is restricted.
// ** If possible, using IP addresses instead of host names 
// ** to get better performance.
SharpCifs.Config.SetProperty("jcifs.smb.client.lport", "8137");

//Get local workgroups.
var lan = new SmbFile("smb://", "");
var workgroups = lan.ListFiles();

foreach (var workgroup in workgroups)
    Console.WriteLine($"Workgroup Name = {workgroup.GetName()}");

        //Get servers in workgroup.
        var servers = workgroup.ListFiles();
        foreach (var server in servers)
            Console.WriteLine($"{workgroup.GetName()} - Server Name = {server.GetName()}");

                //Get shared folders in server.
                var shares = server.ListFiles();

                foreach (var share in shares)
                    Console.WriteLine($"{workgroup.GetName()}{server.GetName()} - Share Name = {share.GetName()}");
            catch (Exception)
                Console.WriteLine($"{workgroup.GetName()}{server.GetName()} - Access Denied");
    catch (Exception)
        Console.WriteLine($"{workgroup.GetName()} - Access Denied");

More samples:


LGPL v2.1 Licence


ComicLAN (Xamarin.iOS implements - App Store link)




Project Site:

GitHub - zinkpad/SharpCifs: SharpCifs is a port of JCIFS to C#

JCIFS - The Java CIFS Client Library

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