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Apparently we don't need to escape HTML in code blocks.

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@@ -322,7 +322,7 @@ Of course, drop-in code like google analytics is also acceptable.
Use of javascript in html attributes is bad:
- <a onclick="do_something();">Do Something</a>
+ <a onclick="do_something();">Do Something</a>;
## Language rules
@@ -475,8 +475,8 @@ Do not use wrapper objects. Just declare the primitive directly:
Especially, never use the new keyword with primitive constructors. Here's
- typeof(Boolean()) //==&gt; 'boolean'
- typeof(new Boolean()) //==&gt; 'object'
+ typeof(Boolean()) //==> 'boolean'
+ typeof(new Boolean()) //==> 'object'
There are only five primitive types in javascript, these are

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