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WP-AppKit is an open source WordPress plugin to build PWA and mobile applications connected to WordPress. Applications are created with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Developers, you can extend and customize applications using our API.

Get Started: all you need to know to get your first app up and running

Getting Started

Creating apps with WP-AppKit means creating JavaScript based app themes. (More on that here).

By default, we provide 1 simple and elegant starter themes Q for Android). This theme is pre-installed.

Screencast of Q for Android

Developer Friendly

Our plugin is fully documented and we are committed to support developers. Discover the plugin and themes API on our website. We also publish regularly tutorials to help you build great apps.

What Is WP-AppKit?

It's a WordPress plugin which provides:

  • An admin panel to configure your app
  • JSON web services to feed your app with WordPress content
  • A JavaScript engine to create app's themes
  • Starter theme to trigger your natural inclination to unbridled creativity

When building mobile apps, WP-AppKit uses the Cordova technology for the app. It means that the app is developed with HTML, CSS and JavaScript but still can be distribued in app stores.

More on that here.

The WordPress Admin Panel

WP-AppKit adds a menu to the WordPress admin.

  • Here you can choose the targeted platform
  • Pick a theme
  • Pick the app's components (eg. Post List)
  • Build the app's navigation
  • Use Chrome to simulate your app in the browser
  • Set your secure key to support WordPress authentication in your app
  • Set the custom URL scheme for deeplinks
  • Export app's sources ready to be compiled with raw Cordova tools or VoltBuilder online service

WP-AppKit Edit Application Panel

Preview WP-AppKit App in Browser

App Themes

WP-AppKit allows to create themes for your apps. App themes are build with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. WP-AppKit provides a JavaScript engine able to interact with the WP-AppKit web services. It also mimics WordPress themes with files such as single, archive... You will also be able to use template tags.

However an app's theme is not a WordPress theme.

WP-AppKit themes use JavaScript (along with HTML and CSS) instead of PHP. Template Tags for example use UnderscoreJS.

Developing app themes are at the heart of the WP-AppKit project. If you're ready to dive into the mysteries of app themes, head to the doc:

Edit WP-AppKit Theme in Bracket

Who's Behind This Project?

This project is done the Uncategorized Creations team. UncatCrea is a group of web professionals working with WordPress and Cordova. facing the challenges to build content based mobile apps connected to WordPress, we've decided to create WP-AppKit.

Meet the team

  • Mathieu Le Roi: Quiet and mystic developer
  • Benjamin Lupu: Product/Project Management and junior theme developer
  • Lionel Pointet: Body rhythm developer